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Gigi: Gigi [Full Album]

Gigi: Gigi [Full Album]

Uploader: PALM

Duration: 20:03:31

Date: October 05, 2016

Gigi ናፈቀኝ -Gigi (Guramayle), 2001

00:00 Gud Fella
05:35 Mengedegna
11:07 Tew Ante Sew
15:28 Abay
20:46 Bale Washintu
26:20 Guramayle
30:46 Sew Argeñ
36:05 Aynama
41:10 Kahn
44:57 Zomaye
48:56 Abet Wubet
53:05 Nafekeñ
58:27 Adwa

Ejigayehu Shibabaw, known by her stage name Gigi, is one of the most successful contemporary Ethiopian singers worldwide. She has brought the music of Ethiopia to wider recognition and developed it in combination with a wide variety of other genres.

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